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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

There comes a time in every creative's journey when they must make a major choice after their first big success. My first success was the off-Broadway run of my first one-man show "Confessions of a Mormon Boy." The choice I had to make was either to stop and wrap it all up or keep going. In the midst of some huge personal and financial set backs in the last few years, my choice was to keep going. The choice wasn't always deliberate or clear. I made it intuitively little by little, sacrifice by sacrifice, inch by inch. But I am so glad I made the choice to continue. I am now poised for bigger things to come.

I've created so much artistically: new solo plays, new songs, new poems, new books, new plays, etc. When you are down and out, create! And for me that means write. I am so glad I decided not to change careers and go into real estate or simply teach, I decided to continue a career I chose when I was in high school. And I'm so grateful for the mentors and "believing mirrors" I met along the way who kept inspiring me to continue in the midst of so many "Utah" voices that would have had me give up on my dreams long ago. Most of those "Utah" voices came from family (immediate, in-laws, and out-laws), other blocked creatives, and old "church" voices--not to mention the voices within that would say, "You're too old, sick, untalented, poor, bad, wrong, ugly, grandiose, etc."

So I'm amassing a body of work. 2012 is the year for getting it out there in a bigger, brighter way. 2012 is the year to be a businessman. I have let the poet have free reign for several years. That, too, was a choice. To put the artistic above the administrative. Now it is time to take the poet by the hand and lead him to financial freedom. I have a vision board of all kinds of projects up on my office wall and a business plan ready to put into action.

I'm grateful for the creative journey. I never knew the ups and downs could be this up and down. But now that I've experienced both, I think I can navigate what lies ahead. I have a VISION of what is possible having worked in New York, Los Angeles, and London. Time to spin it all from the Rocky Mountains where I have calm and kids. More will be revealed as I back up my faith with hard work and discipline. And then to export it on a national and global level.

I've started the New Year from Los Angeles where I've been inspired by so many friends and the openness and optimism that only comes from the West. Anchored with substance and dues paid back East, I'm gonna find much success in 2012. Off to attend Church at MCC LA. I cannot do this alone. I need affirming friends, affirming family, and an affirming God. Non-affirming is not welcome this year. I welcome only affirmation in 2012. And don't worry, 2012 will be a whole new level of personal and professional accountability as well. Like so many, I have lots of debts to pay.  And let me just add, there will be lots of love to make this year as well! This is a year to date as well as create! And the plan is to do it sober, one day at a time.

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