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Steven Fales
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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Mormon Psychics and Patriarchal Blessings

As a Latter-day Saint teenager you are expected to go to your stake patriarch for a special "patriarchal blessing". This blessing is bestowed upon you by the laying on of hands. It is recorded, transcribed, and sent to you in the mail. It is to be considered personal scripture and revelation directly from the Lord. In other words, this is the one and only time you get to go to a psychic.

As I look back on this blessing, I feel a lot of nostalgia for the Mormon speak language. But there are a few things that I do believe the psychic got 100% right. And there are other things that are irrelevant at best. I'll take what I like and throw away the rest! The best thing about it is that it only cost my family 10% of their gross income. There are a lot of psychics out there that will charge a heck-u-va lot more.

Here's mine. Show me yours?

Keep smiling!