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Steven Fales
Steven Fales -- Actor/Writer/Producer

Friday, February 17, 2017

Fatherless Day

"Fatherless Day"
By Steven Fales

Do you hear those drums?
We are marching—be afraid!
We bear no arms or ill will
But we are advancing—closing in.
Coming with drums to reclaim
Our children stolen by those with
Fairer eyes and whiter skin,
Deaf and dumb to passion or reason—
Feigning "civilization".

With coffee-black eyes, olive skin,
And ageless patriarchal wisdom
Born of world-weary experience
(Not mere homebody philosophy)
I come with the ghosts of my fathers
To restore what was lost
And balance the broken, ancient scale.

Thankless once but in glory now
We sweat and beat out our return
As our half-breeds come running
To their papas' pure and iron hearts
And vascular arms both sure and strong.
There is no Bronze Age anymore
Yet hear our terrible Greco roar.

I wrote this poem in honor of The Fathers' Rights Rally taking place (appropriately) this Sunday, Father's Day in Washington, D.C. They have called it the "Fatherless Day Rally". I wish I could be there as advocating for the rights of fathers (and all prodigal parents) is one of my great passions and the reason I wrote my solo play Prodigal Dad. If there was ever a cause to support, bringing father's home is what can heal our world. Look into the National Parent Organization or check out The Fathers' Rights Movement on Facebook: