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Friday, January 6, 2012


I'm reading a book my dad's generation saw as one of the most important "self-help" books of the day, THE ROAD LESS TRAVELED. Published in 1978 I must say the book has some very good, mature, difficult things to say. In fact, the first sentence of the book starts out, "Life is difficult." Once you accept that, things get easier and the possibility exists for one to become truly mature and eventually truly loving. It requires discipline to become mature. It's hard work. It's difficult. (Once in a while he'll use an example that verges on sexism, racism, or homophobic and nearly offends my 2012 sensibilities. I'm looking for the wisdom in-between the lines. It's definitely out-dated socially, but some truths remain timeless. And I'm finding some real gems.)

At this point on my artistic and personal journey we've explored the good stuff, it's the hard stuff -- all the administrative stuff -- that will take things to the next level. I understand I'm creative. But without the disciplined hard work (and long-term continuous sobriety), things will not improve. So showing up and following through are the things I will continue to work on.

I see Julia Cameron has a new book out called THE PROSPEROUS HEART. I'm sure it has a lot to say about artists being fiscally mature and disciplined. But what does is say about ARTIST AS PRODUCER? I see artists all around me that retain the "poor me" attitude that keeps them from truly getting their creativity out there -- and thus, keeps them from earning at what they love to do.

Today I'm focussed on the Salt Lake City run of CONFESSIONS OF A MORMON BOY on Jan 20th, Phillips Academy Andover on Feb 5th, and Theatre Lab Houston on Feb 8-12th. We've got MISSIONARY POSITION brewing for late February in Salt Lake City. Still working on Sao Paulo, Brazil run in March. April/May brings THE MORMON BOY TRILOGY to Los Angeles at the Hudson Theatre. Just began negotiations for a Denver run later this year. There's the off-Broadway run of THE MORMON BOY TRILOGY in the fall. Hoping to do it in London later this summer . . .

I've got a Kickstarter campaign about to start for MORMON BOY documentary. I'm working with my co-producer/director/editor for MORMON BOY COOKING SHOW pilot. And the book proposal for MORMON BOY A Memoir is slowly materializing. Need to edit the audio CD "book" of CONFESSIONS LIVE FROM LONDON (Charing Cross Theatre).

Just emailed with my designer for CONVERSATIONS WITH HEAVENLY MOTHER: An Uncommon Diva about the the dress. And there's stand up to continue to write for WHEN ALL ELSE FALES . . .

So if all of this seems impossible . . . it is. Unless I chip away at it with discipline each morning.

I'm on THE ROAD LESS TRAVELED. And even though my dad might not like what I'm writing and producing, I watched and listened as I saw him work hard in my youth. My dad had discipline if nothing else. Thanks for the passion and talent, mom, that I can back up with dad's discipline. I am grateful to be me. I'm looking forward to having a partner someday who can appreciate me. And I'm learning to be the kind of person that will appreciate HIM.

Note to kids: Sorry I get on your case sometimes. Inspite of my faults, I want you to have discipline, too. Once you graduate from high school, I will stand back. But until then, it's my job to be your dad, not just your friend. I won't be just a Disneyland Dad. I love you.

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