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Steven Fales
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Monday, January 9, 2012

Winter Weekend

I had a very good weekend. Simple and calm and productive in Salt Lake City. Highlights of Saturday were working on my "Live from London" album. I think it could fit in the "Spoken Word" Grammy category as it is a bit serious for the comedy category. I had three performances of CONFESSIONS OF A MORMON BOY recorded live in London at the Charing Cross Theatre.

Later I arranged to have a photo shoot with my friend Bryan Maynes. We are doing a "Mormon for All Seasons" kinda thing. We shot in the fall. And Yesterday we did a shoot with alll this snow that just fell. It's really just for fun but I think we might have a few real gems pop up. Maybe I should do a Mormon Boy Calendar for 2013! (I joked recently that we should have two MORMON BOY cologne scents: "Mormon Boy Urban and Mormon Boy Country". Eau de Mormon Boy. Check it out when it hits Macy's. Or is that just Cahootz in Salt Lake City. That tacky gay gift bookstore and lube dispensery!)

After the shoot we went for a late lunch at BUCA. My first time at this really delicious family Italian restaurant. The food and service were top notch. But I found the circular dining room with pictures of the Pope everywhere a little bit on the tacky side. Leave the Pope out of pasta. Stick to Sophia Loren and the Mafia when it comes to a restaurant. In a way, I'm sticking up for Catholicism.

I'm not voting for Gingrich, but I applauded when he said in the debates last night that there is an alarming amount of discrimination against Christianity going on and it is NOT reported by the media.

Saturday night I helped take down the Christmas decorations at my dear friend Nancy's place. It was a gig job. So with pizza and hot chocolate, we tackled the decorations as we watched the debates. Mitt Romney is once again bullet proof. Hunstman shined, too. So it all boils down to two accomplished, committed Mormons in my book. Gingrich has had more wives than the two Mormons on stage combined!

Sunday was also nice. I got up kinda late for me -- around 8:00am. I ordered a refill of my med. Then off to St. Mark's Epsiscopal. I love that cathedral. It was packed. This is a truly smart and sweet congregation. I converted in 2008. And this year, I'm experiencing how sweet and NICE people are. And as I continue to go to services, the mass brings more and more symbolism and story and grace and truth. My conversion has made a big difference in my life. My heart has softened in many ways. But also my ability to be me. Coffee hour became a lavish reception as a baby had been baptized during the service. Tons of food and conversation. Everyone wants to come see my show on the 20th. I try not to promote at church, but it happens FOR me by others.

I then worked out at Planet Fitness downtown. I weighed in at 183 lbs. I thought I was a bit less. But I retained my weight over the holidays. I'm pretty much back to my off-Broadway weight. I was down to 165 lbs. When that happens I start to look thin and old. I feel my confidence in body, mind, and spirit for the new year. I can DO this!

On top of it all, I booked DENVER yesterday for the end of March. Miracles all around! All I have to do is show up sober. And by the way, caught up with Julia Cameron and my sponsor Michelle yesterday. Phone was off for a few days . . . but we are all systems go for a new week and a new year!

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