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Steven Fales
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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Great Meeting and Great Date

Yesterday started off with a great meeting with a theatre company about co-producing THE MORMON BOY TRILOGY in Los Angeles in April/May. Very exciting to potentially work with real theatre professionals here in Los Angeles.

Then a really good date at the Grove last night with a very cool and creative guy.

Los Angeles has been kind to me in the past even when I wasn't kind to it. I'm looking forward to a great working relationship with L.A. now that my learning curve is done and the honeymoon is over.

Off to see my sponsor in Hollywood now. 20 years sober. I'm in good hands. It's good to have someone to run things by . . . but I have certainly learned that ultimately it is up to me and my H.P.

Cheers! I keep saying Cheers! My heart must still be in the U.K.

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