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Steven Fales
Steven Fales -- Actor/Writer/Producer

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Queen Lear

Queen Lear
by Steven Fales

I cannot be bothered and will no longer tolerate
Mom’s chaotic household nor her court of crazy siblings.
Now on the other side of a surprising sixty-five
Time’s up; time out; it’s time to conform.
Everything must go—just sell it!

She must take her place under her children’s roof
For they must needs serve their needy children.
Dear Mother Dragonfly Butterfly neglected her own—
Used and abused time and time again
Stealing and sucking everyone’s thunder nectar.

So let her stay on as a humble guest ‘til her rest
Or she can go end up like royal Queen Lear.
And let it be written so it will be clear
I swear I will no longer play her fool.
Second childishness cannot rule. 

Edge of Enoch

I've been lucky enough to work from my dad's little hobby ranch in Enoch, UT the last couple of weeks. Here's a poem I wrote while staying here. The irony is that I will be leaving soon. Grateful for the reprieve from the fast-paced, relentless world. The countryside gives one perspective.

By Steven Fales 

My father lives in a small green tin-roofed log cabin

But there are many mansions within his evergreen heart:

Six estates exist for his original bless-ed six

With realms for each of their children’s children;

Generous tracts of land are also laid aside

Subdivided for steps and cousins of his unruly tribe;

Because three fair kingdoms were once established

As each templed wife begat a trilogy of three-ring adventures

Requiring voracious acreage and limitless water rights.

There are no known hidden closets for chamber maidens—

Only high granite walls built to unwelcome those who threaten

To ding and destroy the paternal patina of his homemade steeples.

His parents, long gone to their reward, left all vast acquisitions

To him, their oldest son, and his no lesser brother and sister

So looking ahead and looking back are forever non-linear

Furrowed spacious fields of saplings of love in every direction.

The four elements cannot contain the eternal heartland where

Fifth-dimensional ether forbids borders and fences of place and time

Insisting an “all inclusive resort” be the new family proclamation when

Finally taking dad on that proper damn Kolob sublimation vacation.

As for me I have only three stalls in my mortal mon coeur.

Room just enough for my now grown daughter and son.

Love passed me by so many times I accept my (p)lot

As I dwell at the end of the road on the edge of Enoch and Equinox

In a comfy stable near my father’s house down One Heart Ranch Lane

Content to be me in an infinite thatched-roof hovel of mine own

At the iron crossroads of Alpha and Omega’s vast sacred coracion

(Note. Enoch equals eternity. Equinox equals equestrian. Ether equals quintessence.)