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Steven Fales
Steven Fales -- Actor/Writer/Producer

Monday, January 2, 2012

Long Beach

I'm here in Long Beach staying with my friend Audrey. Got lots of great sleep last night. My cold is nearly gone. Just don't want to stress myself too much. I have my first "date" in a long time tonight. I'm on the broke side post-Christmas. Okay, I'm flat broke! Lots of emails to get out, lots of things to put into motion. Looking at possibly doing THE MORMON BOY TRILOGY at The Hudson Theatre on Santa Monica Blvd in April or May. They seem enthusiastic to discuss the possibility since they saw CONFESSIONS at the Coast Theatre several years ago. Cool. It's been good to see so many friendly faces and feel the sunshine of Southern California. But I am very anxious to get back to my home and office and my kids in Salt Lake City. It is a really great place to base. There is no sophistication there, but there is also no distraction. There's a lot of wholesomeness if you look beyond the opression. I have the urban t-shirts. I can get things done in Salt Lake. My prediction for Iowa tomorrow: Romney will win. Please let him win. It will help my career! :) Which will help the economy, right? Cheers!

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