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Steven Fales
Steven Fales -- Actor/Writer/Producer

Thursday, May 16, 2013


I wrote this song to help me heal after a breakup. It's been almost a year and time to let go. Serenity to all.


Music and lyrics by Steven Fales
(based on the painting “Serenity” by Daniel Pollera)

Making love to you.
This song may be too intimate,
But sweetheart I’m so into it.
I have found
In you.

There’s a place
Where all the light is right
And all the walls are bright
The sea is calm and blue
And afternoons with you
We’re walking in the sand
Or play your baby grand.
But that place
Is water colored walls
Just two dimensional
I’m trapped inside a dream
The picture’s cruel and mean
There’s no light from above
And we’re not making love.

It’s not
Making love to you.
This song may be too intimate
But I was just so into it.
How will I ever heal
And find a love that’s for real?
Bring back

There’s a door.
It leads out to a porch
An idyllic scene of sorts
There’s a pair of empty shoes
Symmetrical and new
But the shoelaces don’t fit
And so the shoes just sit.
And that scene
Is now a scene for one
Bare footprints could be fun
But you’ve locked yourself inside
And I won’t let you hide.
I’d save you if I could
But I don’t know if I should.
There’s no knob on the door
You don’t answer anymore.
I’ll save you. Yes, I can.
No! You’re the superman!

I want
Waking up with you.
I was so darn into it.
You’re my biggest sober hit.
Now I’m alone it’s true
Wishin’ I was there with you.
We were so deep in love.
Help me find strength above
I may be crazy
But join me.
We’ll make

There’s a room
With lots of space to run
And windows full of sun.
So spotless they don’t gleam
‘Cause everything’s so clean.
There’s not a speck of dust
And pipes don’t ever rust.
But that room
Has no pulse or breath
A slow and perfect death
No place for dogs or kids
Or leftover dinner lids
Disapproval and disgust
With no laughs or lust
And fear has killed all trust.
That’s not a place for us!

I’ll make it up to you.
If you don’t want to play
This song will surely find a way
To give to you from me
My love eternally
And bless you anyway
I don’t know how to say
More than—

SERENITY is past                                                              
So what am I to do?
The waves come crashing on the rocks
And no lighthouse can rescue us.
Don’t let me drown.
I’m going down.
I want--

Take a look.
Not just a passing glance
Or you won’t get a chance
To see what’s really there.
Look, really get a stare.
Above the window pane--
Look, there’s a water stain.
It is faint.
You couldn’t see before
It’s not perfect anymore.
It never was that way
And look, we’re still okay.
I’ll try harder not to fix
Anymore of your tics
With all my selfish tricks.

Make it up to you.
This song may be too intimate
But I am still so into it.
Wondering what is true.
I can’t stop wanting what we had
Because the good outweighs the bad.
I would trade it all for you.
Come back to me.
You’re my

Making love to you.
This song may be too intimate
But I was just so into it.
Come back to me.
Let me learn
And let me earn

We could be havin’ fun.
Sober oblivion.
The picture’s still undone.
It’s called SERENITY.

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