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Friday, May 10, 2013

Day 36 Making Mormon Music

In my family growing up "Mormon" meant growing up "Music!" Mom played the piano and I would sing . . . and later take piano lessons. She would play "Rustles of Spring" or "Maleguena" for hours as I'd dance. But most of all she'd play show tunes to "Fiddler" and "Camelot" and hymn after hymn.

The Mormon Boy Trilogy is not a musical, but all three solo shows have just enough singing to help tell the story: Confessions of a Mormon Boy, Missionary Position, and Prodigal Dad.

I hope you will look at my IndieGoGo Campaign and help me bring my beloved family's music to life Off-Broadway 2014.

Donate just $10 and get the new album for free! "Confessions of a Mormon Boy (Live from London)!"

Thank you for the music!

My arm around my little brother (there are four more siblings!). That's mom's piano she bought with babysitting money. That is the music to the Mormon musical "Saturday's Warrior" and the Mormon Children's Songbook. On the wall is one of many of mom's "tufting" creations. And on the piano is a marble statue of two naked Greek wrestlers and another Greek vase from mom's exotic travels! Ahem.

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