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Monday, June 10, 2013

My Liberace/My Menorah

Let me tell you about my personal "Behind the Candelabra." I grew up a faithful Mormon in Las Vegas. When my parents got divorced the shame made me act out--as Liberace. I found these photos of me impersonating the Legend and I had to chuckle. A picture is worth a thousand words, especially when taken in a Mormon meeting house--or ward house. Oh the memories of seminary, volley ball, and all these Las Vegas Mormon. We are a different breed of Mormon for sure.

Here's an excerpt from my book about the experience.

"And for anyone who's still not convinced [I'm gay], I'm famous for the Liberace impersonation I did at a church talent show when I was seventeen. I came out from the wings holding a candelabra, wearing my high school madrigal prince charming costume (I designed it myself, sewed on all the pearls by hand). I had on tights and my mom's full-length chinchilla [actually it was her silver fox]. I played 'Rustles of Spring' [and Claire de Lune!], then swapped "funeral potato" recipes with the Relief Society sisters on the front row. 'Not too much sour cream, Sister Edwards!"

Buy the book on Amazon, Confessions of a Mormon Boy: Behind the Scenes of the Off-Broadway Hit (Lambda Literary Award Finalist):

I must say that the candelabra was actually a menorah. My mom's side of the family went to Israel once a year like all good upper-middle class nouveau riche Mormons to loot the Holy Land of all its olive wood figurines and anything made of brass. [Mom's side of the family is now broke! Now just Mormon White Trash with Champagne Taste on a Beer Income.] I grew up in what could have been a Jewish book store on the Upper West Side. I am NOT kidding. It just goes to show that Mormons are wannabe Jews. And so I grabbed the closest "candelabra" I could find for my skit. I hope it's not offensive or disrespectul. I was totally oblivious to what was going on including the irony of playing Liberace.

Later I would live part of Liberace's ex-lover's experiences. Minus the plastic surgery, but enter recovery!

Keep playing the piano and singing no matter what culture you come from! And light a candle for all of us!

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  1. Is it any wonder at all that I love you?!