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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

March 2012 Update

I love March. It's my birthday month and the month when Spring begins. At least in my heart.

So far 2012 is off to a great start. January was a month to do a lot of work on my memoir "Mormon Boy". I still need to get that formal book proposal to my agent or these hundreds of pages will just sit here being re-written. 2012 is the year to take all my hard work during the Recession and put it into motion.

It's great to have my office to work from. It's one of the best things about being in Utah. I love my desk, my office, and having the tools I need to get things done from paper clips to my new printer. We are making progress.

Performance-wise, we've already tackled a lot. I did "Confessions of a Mormon Boy" at The Complex SLC the end of January. It went so extremely well. Even the Dean of the Cathedral (St. Mark's) came! Then February was a quick tour to Boston where I did a high school version of "Confessions" for the Phillips Academy Andover (which included students from Exeter and surrounding schools). This was a great honor. Phillips Academy was founded in 1778 and is one of the two most prestigious boarding schools in the country, maybe the world. Most of these students automatically get accepted into Harvard, MIT, etc. I performed and spoke for two hours for the oldest gay/straight alliance in the country. I still have to pinch myself. I want to do more public speaking and schools/university gigis.

I immediately flew to Houston, Texas for a week-long run at Theater Lab Houston. The run was sold out before we even opened. All kinds of press, beautiful audiences, great folks. I was treated like a star. I saw Galveston. (Got my magnet to add to my world-famous collection!) I can't speak more highly about what Gerald LaBita has created with his theatre company. Eve Ensler and Tim Miller have all performed on that stage. I felt so honored to be there.

Both Phillips Academy and Houston came from being at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe last summer. Good work begets good work.

I came back to SLC and brushed off my second show "Missionary Position" and did it for two nights at The Complex SLC. I really needed to do this so I could get the show in my mind, body, and mouth before I do it in L.A.

I perform "Confessions" in Denver in two weeks, then off to work on "Prodigal Dad" with Larry Moss in New York City first week of April. Then back for a week in SLC. Then I perform the entire THE MORMON BOY TRILOGY for six weeks in Los Angeles at Hudson Theatre ( Apr 19 - May 26.

Yesterday I was working on press and editing "Confessions of a Mormon Boy LIVE from London's West End." This is an album I will download digitially.

So many things on my plate. Here's a quick shout out to the many people in SLC who are making me feel at home. It's a challenging place for me to live. It's nice to not feel so alone.

And to top it off, I just spoke with my dear old friend Jack Hofsiss. Looking forward to reading "Prodigal Dad" to him when I'm in New York. His Tony Award-winning experience ("The Elephant Man") turned "Confessions" into an enduring piece of theatre. And he is a good friend. He knows my story better than anyone else. And he says to hang in there no matter what with "The Mormon Boy Trilogy". This is how any piece of art is born. Someone has to believe in it to the very end. "Naysayers, beware!" One day at a time we keep showing up, just like Sisyphus.

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